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If you are a Pattaya Bar Owner or Manager you can add your bar on the following basis

Free Bar Review

This is exactly what it says, FREE, you can buy us a beer if you wish. The free reviews are written by us by request.

A free review requires a link back from you own website.

Alternatively you can upgrade to the paid version.

An upgrade includes:-

  1. Write the review yourself. The advantages of this are obvious.
  2. Add your OWN Pictures and alt tags for better search engine results.
  3. Add contact and location page.
  4. Remove the Advertising at the Top of your page and the right hand columns.
  5. Remove the Pattaya-Bars logo.
  6. Have the option to edit comments on your bars page.

The cost of an upgrade is 4,500 THB per annum OR a one off single fee of 7,500 THB.

Additional Listing on the landing page from Pattaya Addicts (OPTIONAL)

A listing on the featured page from Pattaya Addicts is 1,000 per month.

The site currently receives over 800 unique visitors a day, and over 2000 page views, almost all coming from where it has the top position for the search phrase "Pattaya bars"*

For further information please contact

If you are looking for a low cost website rather than just a one page review please see our low cost websites page.


* This can vary from day to day but it almost always has the top place and is rarely lower than 4th.

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