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Other Bars - Pattaya

Other Bars Pattaya

Besides the Beer bars and GoGo bars, there are many bars in Pattaya that fit into neither of these categories. They can have various features that distinguish them from the beer bars such as being indoors, having live music maybe having NO hostesses etc.

In our opinion the best of these are:-

  • Art Home Bar Pattaya
    Review of Art Home and Bar Pattaya. Art Home Bar is a bar for lesbians, tomboys and ladys.
  • Caddy Shack Pattaya
    Information, reviews and customer comments on The Caddy Shack bar in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Harley Bar Pattaya
    Information and independent reviews of the Harley Bar in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Lookout Inn Pattaya
    Review of the Look Out Inn Pattaya. The Look Out Inn is located in Center Condo on 2nd Road Pattaya
  • Mam Beer Bar Ban Chang
    Information and reviews of Mams beer bar. Mam bar is located in Ban Chang in Thailand.
  • Pitstop Bar Bang Saray
    Information and reviews on the Pit Stop Bar in Bang Saray. Pitstop Bar is located in Bang Saray near Pattaya
  • Punch and Judy Pub Pattaya
    Information, reviews and customer comments on the Punch and Judy pub in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Lesbian Bars Pattaya
    Information about lesbian and tomboy bars in Pattaya.

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