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Want to see some of the prettiest girls in Pattaya? Then GoGo bars may be for you. While some small GoGos will only have a few girls, many of the bigger bars have more than 50 girls dancing.

Some websites listing GoGo bars in pattaya are just that - a list of all the GoGos with little or no content. Sometimes they carry links to websites but invariably they are broken or hopelessly out of date.

Whilst we will ONLY list a few of the GoGo bars in Pattaya we will also ONLY list the very best.

  • Angelwitch Pattaya
    Information and review of the Angelwitch A GoGo Bar in Pattaya Thailand. Angelwitch is located in Soi 15 between Walking Street and 2nd Road.
  • Baby Dolls Pattaya
    Information and review of the Baby Dolls A GoGo Bar in Pattaya Thailand. Baby Dolls is located in Soi 15 between Walking Street and 2nd Road.
  • Catz Pattaya
    Information and rteviews about the Catz Agogo Bar in Pattaya. Catz is located in Covent Garden, Soi 16 off Walking Street Pattaya.
  • The Classroom Pattaya
    Information and independent reviews of the Classroom gogo bar in Pattaya.
  • Club Boesche Pattaya
    Information and review of the Club Boesche GoGo Bar in Pattaya Thailand
  • Dollhouse Pattaya
  • Gentlemens Club Pattaya
    Review of the Gentlemens Club Agogo bar in Soi Diamond Pattaya
  • Happy AGoGo Pattaya
    Review and information about Happy Agogo Bar Pattaya. Happy GoGo is located just off Walking Street Pattaya.
  • Heaven Above Pattaya
    Information and review on the Heaven Above Agogo Bar Pattaya. Heaven above is often touted as Pattayas best GoGo Bar and is located in Soi Diamond Pattaya.
  • Mistys Pattaya
    Information about Mistys Gogo Bar in Pattaya, Thailand. Mistys is located in Soi Pattayaland 2 between Beach Road and Second Road Pattaya and is widely regarded as one of the best gogo bars in Pattaya.
  • New Living Dolls Pattaya
    Information and reviews of New Living Dolls gogo bar on Walking Street Pattaya.
  • Peppermint gogo bar Pattaya
    Information and reviews of the Peppermint gogo bar located in Walking Street in Pattaya.
  • Sapphire Club Pattaya
    Information and customer reviews of the Sapphire Agogo Gentlemens Club in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Spicy Girls Pattaya
    Information about Spicy Girls Agogo in Pattaya. Spicy Girls Pattaya is located in the heart of Pattaya's nightlife entertainment centre, on Pattayaland Soi 1, 50 meters from the beach.
  • X Zone Pattaya
    Information and review about the X Zone Agogo Bar in Pattaya

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