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East Pattaya Bars

East Pattaya Bars

East Pattaya refers to the area on the "other" side of Sukhumvit Road i.e. the far side to Pattaya city itself.

It is often referred to as The Dark Side, mainly by expat residents.

Argument reigns whether this originates from the fact that until recently it had little, if any, street lighting or because of the high levels of crime associated with the area in the past.

Fortunately both reasons are things of the past although for both reasons you should still be vigilant venturing out at night in any unlit areas. The reality is it is no more dangerous than any other city or part of Thailand providing you use common sense.

Traditionally a residential area for Thais it is now fast becoming the preferred area of choice for many expats who wish to escape the day to day humdrum of Pattaya City itself. There are two main reasons for this:-

1. Its far removed from the hectic chaos that is Pattaya itself and therefore a calmer and perhaps more pleasant place to relax and live.

2. Land prices on this side of Sukhumvit road are much cheaper so you get a lot more house for your buck. You can buy a 4 bed detached with pool and garden for less than a decent sized condo will cost you in Pattaya itself.

As a result housing developments abound.

This influx of expat residents as in turn led to more and more bars and restaurants springing up to serve their needs.

It is now possible for residents to never have to venture into the light if they choose not too, and equally possible for visitors to spend an entire night in East Pattaya.

The main bar areas are Soi Khao Noi, Soi Khao Talo, Soi Siam Country Club and the Lake Mabrachan region (map).

Some of the bars are very well known, such as Nois Bar and the Black Pearl, other not so. The best known East Pattaya bars.

Most of the bars are girly style but several, especially around Lake Mabrachan, are family bars with no working girls.

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